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Clinical Psychology Unit

The Psychology Clinic offers affordable psychological services of a high standard for the general public. It functions as a unit to train post-graduate clinical psychology students. The Clinic is also actively involved in clinical research treatment trials that the general public may become involved in. Click here for a current list of clinical treatment trials.

The Psychology Clinic is staffed by psychologists enrolled in the Master of Psychology (Clinical) post-graduate programme at the University of New South Wales. The programme has an emphasis on cognitive-behavioural approaches to the understanding and management of psychological problems.

Qualified academic staff and clinical psychologists supervise the clinical work of the psychologists in the Clinic.

We are unable to provide treatment for people who are acutely psychotic, suicidal or in immediate crisis.

The University of New South Wales Psychology Clinic was established as a Community Psychological Facility providing clinical psychological services to adults, children and families who are experiencing psychological, emotional or behavioural problems. The Clinic also functions as a facility to provide advanced post-graduate training in clinical psychology and is staffed by intern psychologists working under the supervision of consultant clinical psychologists and neuropsychologists.

The Psychology Clinic employs an approach to the assessment, treatment and management of psychological problems based on the most up to date evidence and research emphasizing treatment evaluation. The clinic maintains close liaison and consultation with referring agencies and other mental health services.

Staff involved in the operation of the Psychology Clinic include:

Clinic Director
Dr Chien Hoong Gooi
Clinic Administration
Lynda Brown
Clinical Supervisors
Linda Salem
  Natasha Rawson
  Shane Vassallo
Amanda Olley
Course Director (Professional Clinical Masters Program)
Professor Michelle Moulds
Academic Staff
Scientia Professor Richard Bryant
Professor Skye McDonald
Professor Mark Dadds
  Professor Peter Lovibond
A/Prof. Jessica Grisham
Dr Bronwyn Graham
  Dr Angela Nickerson
  Dr Eva Kimonis